Created during the isolation of the 2020 global pandemic as a way to heal and maintain positivity, the HOLD meditation series provides an opportunity to receive the benefits of touch by reconnecting oneself with body, mind, and heart.

Through a 10 minute practice for 14 consecutive days, HOLD focuses on a different part of the body each day during the first week. The second week is a guided visualization on giving and receiving hugs of love daily. While developed during isolation – the self nurturing techniques are beneficial at all times and help to keep one centered and focused. HOLD helps people learn to love and appreciate their body and self. For this reason, the series is designed to be repeated and continued on an ongoing basis.

Human touch is important to our overall well-being. It connects us to others and deepens our connection to ourselves. Not receiving human touch profoundly effects your emotional state and greatly impacts your mood, productivity, confidence, communication, sleep patterns, and more. During this unprecedented time of physical and emotional distance from one another our living situations, the global pandemic, and insecurities or other reasons—finding a way to receive the benefits of touch is necessary.

The HOLD relaxation and self-hug embracing movements practiced in the comfort of your home, will reacquaint you with the amazing life force that you inhabit every day your body. Studies have shown that we release the same feel good hormones whether we are giving or receiving hugs. This awareness helps us as individuals. And as we become more fulfilled and balanced, we are able to give more freely and receive more freely.


By practicing the 10-minute guided HOLD meditations, you will benefit from the feeling of being connected, loving, and giving. You will discover new appreciation for your body and self. Incorporated into your daily routine, this practice of meditation will continue to help you beyond any state of isolation. Proven results of touch and hugs include reduced stress, anxiety and depression, boosts in immune system, social connectedness, and inclusion. You will also receive daily reflection emails and access to the HOLD Facebook page where you can share stories and connect with others.


HOLD will open your heart and give you a sense of peace and gratitude for yourself and those around you.

Alicia Petrakis


Hugs have always been a life force for Alicia Petrakis. They are her greeting of choice and her way of expressing genuine warmth and kindness. Her means of hugging is not always demonstrated with her arms. As a chef, Alicia embraces and comforts people through food. Her delicious culinary creations feel like a strong, warm hug from the inside out. Alicia believes that no matter how we give or receive a hug, being touched physically, emotionally or spiritually is what stokes the fire inside of us.

For years, Alicia has practiced daily. meditation. She has experienced the power and peace of meditation and understands it has improved the quality of her life. When the 2020 pandemic hit and the world was forced into isolation, the impact on Alicia and everyone around her landed harder than she could have imagined. Like so many of us, she witnessed people struggling and suffering through this difficult time. Many were alone. Knowing how meditation continues to help her overcome challenges and remain balanced, and how hugs make her feel comforted and strong, by combining the two forces of mediation and hugs, Alicia
brought Hugs of Love Daily—HOLD—into the world.

It makes perfect sense that an idea born from the heart needed to be strengthened by someone she loves and who appreciates the power of a good hug. Her brother, William Gazecki. The conversation between brother and sister began around Alicia’s inquiry to her Facebook friends. In trying to understand what they missed most since the lockdowns began, Alicia received numerous responses sharing a single message—we miss hugging.


William Gazecki



As a dedicated Zen Buddhist since adolescence who sat Zazen and studied Zen practice at the San Francisco Zen Center – the concept of HOLD made complete sense to William.

He immediately saw that by combining their experience and expertise, he and Alicia would bring HOLD to life, together.

William’s extensive career in media has spanned many disciplines including music, radio, television and film. His repertoire of production experience, technical skill, and Oscar nominated and Emmy winning accreditations, brought a high level of professionalism and excellence to the recorded meditations of HOLD.

Alicia and William are extremely proud of creating HOLD, and are thrilled to assist others on their journey as they move away from fear and doubt towards learning to HOLD on to love and positivity.


Give a Hug Program

HOLD is available to anyone who can benefit from the practice. We are offering HOLD with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, you’ll enjoy the same practice as everybody else. We trust you will pay whatever you can afford. In addition, when you purchase the HOLD meditation series, you can gift a series at no additional cost through our GIVE A HUG Program.

The mission of our GIVE A HUG Program is to provide an opportunity for people to send love to others through gifting a HOLD meditation series. By purchasing a series for yourself, you have the ability to gift one to a friend or someone in need. Once you purchase your series, you’ll be prompted to either send a series to someone you know or gift it back to us to send out to someone in need.

Spread the love, and help us provide it to those in need. 


Hugs given

Heartfelt Suggestion

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HOLD onto a friend. If gifting HOLD to a friend, consider doing the practice together. Easily done virtually, sharing the experience will help you stay connected and provide a more meaningful outcome for all.

In need of HOLD but can’t afford to pay? Sign up to be a recipient of our GIVE A Hug Program and HOLD will be available to you through the kindness of others.

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